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The First 11 Years in a CLASS 11



The purpose of my web site is to share race stories and photos, to inform when and where I'll be racing next, and to acknowledge everyone who makes it possible for me to race.



2007 was my first year racing a full race schedule, but I?ve been involved with and fanatical about off-road racing for half my life!

In 1982 I went to my first Off-Road race, the MINT 400.   That event pretty much defined what I would do in my free time for the next 25 plus years. My college buddy Will Warren who witnessed the MINT with me lived in Southern Ca. at the time and became a checkpoint captain with SCORE.  I would fly or drive out from Colorado for as many races as my busy Wildland Firefighting work allowed over the next few years to work SCORE checkpoints with Will and be around the sport of Desert Racing.  

During the summers of 1984 and 1985 I worked in the South Lake Tahoe area and while attending the VORRA races was drawn to the baddest jeep racing the series. I hung out in Don German?s pits and helped out where needed, enjoying every minute of it! 

Sometime in 2005 co-worker Gary Helming said let?s pool our (meager) resources and get a race car. The logical choice financially was a Class 11; we figured we could afford to race that. Our ultimate goal was to race in the 2006 Baja 1000.  We happened along a very capable and winning car previously owned by Scott Pellerin and built by Dave Hendrickson. Scott delivered the car to the 2005 SCORE PRIMM 300, race ready. Scott drove and Gary and I swapped out riding the first lap, getting a crash course in ?How to Drive A Class 11?.  The second lap Scott got out while leading and Gary and I swapped driving and co-driving. Somehow we managed to keep the car going and won our first race!
We labeled our car "Tortuga? which seemed to fit not only the appearance of the VW beetle, but the overall philosophy of ?to finish first you must first finish?.  
Prior to the 2006 Baja 1000 we joined the FIRE GUYS RACING team of fellow Coloradoans and Firefighters Jason Hutter and Paul Blangsted. Jason and Paul have raced their Toyota 7S for the past decade in a number of different series.
Gary and I raced 3 of the 5 SCORE races in 2006, which was enough to place  2nd in the SCORE Class 11 2006 points, behind perennial winner Eric Solorzano.
After becoming the sole owner of the car after the 2006 Baja 1000, I raced the full 2007 SNORE series and with 3 wins in 6 races became the Class 11 SNORE Champion and 9th overall for 2007.
In 2008 I again raced the 6 race SNORE series, this time finishing 2nd in class points and again 9th overall. 
2009 was a year of many DNF's and broken parts, enough said.
I spent most of 2010 recovering from a busted Achilles tendon which put a damper on racing and most other activities. I did sneak a couple races in at the end of the year.
2012 saw the FireGuys Class 11 back in Baja for the Baja 1000, as well as win #3 at Caliente.
MAXTRAX came on board late 2013 with the goal of racing the BAJA 1000. We showed off an entirely new MAXTRAX wrap on the Class 11, debuting it at the SEMA show a week before the race! 
After completing the MAXTRAX World Series of Bugs series in 2015 I felt it was time to fulfill a long time dream of racing a Jeep. I purchased a Jeepspeed Wrangler, debuting it at the 2016 MINT where we took a second place. I look forward to learning this vehicle over the 2016 season and racing the 2017 Baja 1000, the 50th anniversary.

A huge thanks to everyone that makes this (living the dream) happen! Click "SPONSORS" . I'll keep flying the FIRE GUYS RACING colors with the continued help from SIMCO MOTORSPORTS and VIGIL MOTORSPORTS.   
Thanks for visiting,
Mark Murrell
 April 2016 

                                                2007 CLASS 11 SNORE 

                               Champ. and 9th place overall.



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